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responsive web designing

Responsive Web Designing

Responsive web designing (RWD)



It is to design and develop a website in such a way that the layout should not get spoiled in any of the case. RWD simply uses HTML and CSS to automatically hide, resize, shrink or enlarge the content to fit on screen and make it look good on every device. It is totally in now a days. Every single website that are being developed are responsive. Whenever, we think of responsive web designing the very first name that comes into mind is “BOOTSTRAP”. Bootstrap is a language that helps developers to develop a totally responsive website. Best responsive web designing training is provided at O7 Services Jalandhar.



Top 5 Reasons to use BOOTSTRAP



  1. Contains only HTML and CSS(mostly)
  2. Easy to understand- By simply reading the code we can understand the functionality
  3. Easy to code- The code is available on the official site of bootstrap from where we can learn and start coding
  4. Responsiveness- Bootstrap provide us responsive websites
  5. Customizable- Bootstrap and your creativity together can do wonders. Any customized designs can be created through bootstrap


In responsive web designing, our primary motivate is to make content behave just like water. As you pour water in any utensil, then the water adopts its shape. Same should be the case with the content of website. Website can be used on any device and the content should automatically adjust itself accordingly.

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