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Qualified Lead Generation: Steps For Beginners- O7Services

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qualified lead generation

Qualified Lead Generation: Steps For Beginners- O7Services

Qualified Lead Generation: learn Step-By-Step Process-O7Services


Qualified Lead Generation- What it is?


Before start how to increase qualified lead, firstly you should know that what exactly qualified lead is.


Dave Grendzynki says that a qualified lead is a person who is most likely to buy your products or services.  This simple definition can save you sales team from going on wild goose chases because they will know each call they are making is someone who matters to you. This makes them more efficient.


Most of the times people come to your website, go through your pages, use up your bandwidth and you get nothing. But do not upset, leads who are qualified will never convert.


We just need to figure out their needs.  Once we understand their needs and how we can meet those needs, the better of everyone will be.


If you are advance thinking marketer, you need to understand the traditional marketing funnel doesn’t reflect today’s consumers’ path to purchase. There are a number of digital touch points that block the path, but you can use those touch points to gather information, measure your performance and optimize your marketing against identifiable goals.


Let’s start qualified leads with SMART Goals:



You have to develop your SMART goals, where SMART stands for:


  • Specific: Your goal should be specific so that your goal message clear to everyone.


  • Meaningful or motivating: Your goals should have a mean and should motivate to others


  • Attainable: Everyone should be agreed with your goal. So before execute it, discuss it with everyone at once.


  • Relevant: It means that your goal should belong to your company.


  • Time-based: Keeping an end date will motivate your team to work on and achieve them.



Maximizing qualified leads and minimizing everything else takes time and effort. Luckily, if you are using analytics and making continuous improvement to your site, it’s a natural outcome. Additionally, there are many steps with the help of these steps you can take right away to improve qualified leads.


Strategy to improve qualified lead generation



Improve or Enhance More Web Content:


It is not easy or even possible to make leads or customer overnight. Users visits number of sites to buy a one single product. Before purchasing something they are much more likely visit your site week or even months. If you have a content of their early buying research, you have a chance a relationship that will last until they are ready.


Update Your Existing Content:


If you have content that covers need of your customer’s personas. It doesn’t mean you achieved it. You have to up to date all time. You can get more mileage out of your work, and thus take in more leads, if you shift content into different formats.


Progressive Profiling


It is the idea that, at every step in the buyer’s journey, your prospects should be volunteering more information and filling out more forms.


Early on the relationship, first name and email may be all you can barter for, but you should always aspire for more.




You can send emails to people who already know your brand and product or services. It’s much easier to ask them to take an action since they’ve previously subscribed to your list. This is call email marketing. This is very simple and easy method to connect with people for long time until they unsubscribe you. You can ask more improvements for your services or products. You can give them offers on your products or many more things you can do with email marketing.




Ads play more important part in qualified lead generation. It is the best method to reach people. The main purpose of an ad is to get people to take an action. Otherwise, it is waste to spent money for an ad. If you want to convert, be sure that your landing page and offer match exactly what is promised in the ad, and that the action you want users to take is crystal clear.


Social Media


Social media platforms make it easy to guide your followers to take action. You can put stories on instagram, facebook or even whatsapp too.


You can also promote your business through social media ads but those are paid ads. For this, facebook is a cheapest social site which created ads for your business.




So these are some method through which you can generate qualified leads. Try these methods if you want to know about more methods then you can ask me on comments for qualified lead generation


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