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Group Discussion Tips You Must Know Before Interview

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Group Discussion Tips You Must Know Before Interview

Group discussion is a important and sometimes first round of interview conducted by companies. Group discussion round is important because interview checked many positive and negative points during group discussion. Interviewers conducted GD as a first round because after GD it will become easy for them to filter candidates. If you want to get placement in your dream company then you should prepare for group discussion. Following are some group discussion tips that will help you to get good marks in GD.

Group Discussion Tips You Must Know:




  1. Good Content: In Group Discussion Tips first tip is good content.You must have good content and good knowledge of subject. For this you have to follow some points like:
  • You should aware of happening around you not only in your own country in fact all over the world as well.
  • Read magazines, books, and current affairs blogs it helps you having rich content.
  • Read group discussion topics which mostly asked in group discussion.
  • Practice, practice and practice. More you practice of GD topics more you will be perfect.



  1. Communication Skills: You may have rich content but if you don’t have communication skills then you content will be zero. Improve your communication skills. This is a basic group discussion tip.
  • One thing you must remember no one can defeat you except you. Speak in front of the mirror.
  • One thing you must remember no one can defeat you except you
  • Improve your vocabulary, it will help you in GD. Strong vocabulary gives good impact and strongest point of good communication skills.
  • You can practice of GD with your friends.
  • For improving communication skills try to speak with your friends in English.
  • Best way to improve communication skills is to talk with customer cares.



  1. Be A Volunteer: Well everyone knows that first impression is the last impression.
  • When interviewer announces the GD topic then start thinking about it quickly. Be a volunteer and start the GD with your views.
  • If you start GD it counts as a positive point during group discussion.
  • If it’s taking more time to get some points about topic then start discussion with agree or disagree with previous candidate.



  1. Make Some Genuine Or Relevant Points: interview is listening whole discussion so you cannot make him fool so be genuine and give relevant points.
  • Try to express your thoughts with some fact or example it will give nice impact.
  • Don’t give views with any ambiguity.
  • Elaborate your points; it will be easy to understand for others.
  • Don’t be fake there will be group of people you cannot make anybody fool. If you do so then you will be noticed as fake person.



  1. Be A Leader: There are some points which help you to show your leadership quality during group discussion.
  • Try to cooperate with everyone and be nice to all.
  • Let them speak up and give chance to present their opinion towards topic.
  • If someone speaking for a while then try to stop him and tell him to give chance to others to speak.
  • These points will show that you like to work with team and you can manage a team very beautifully.


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  1. Be A Good Listener:  Try to be a good listener, speaking is not everything in group discussion. You have to listen to everyone very carefully.
  • Listen to everyone carefully so that you could answer them.
  • Good listening is an opportunity to summarize the group discussion. If you don’t listen everyone carefully then there will be chance that you could mislead the conversation.
  • Pay full attention to others with nodding your head when they are speaking. Try to understand what they are speaking and answer accordingly.



  1. Be Assertive, Not Aggressive: Always remember that you are representing yourself too in group discussion. So don’t be aggressive control on your anger or emotions. No one wants to hire an aggressive employee in his company. Always remember one thing that aggression is requires but in thinking, not in behavior.
  • Don’t tap on table.
  • Don’t’ point out anyone during discussion.
  • Maintain decorum, have manner and etiquettes.
  • Give respect to everyone and their points too.
  • Don’t criticizing others unfairly are some of the misplaced manifestations of aggression.
  • Call everyone with Mam or sir.



  1. Stick On Your Points And Values: One who crisscross his own values or points is left bad impression.
  • In group discussion you have to speak for or against the given topic.
  • Stick with your points or values. Don’t change your own points after listen others points.
  • If you stick with your points then it shows your will power.
  • It shows that you are a person who stands with his words.





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