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Basic Tips How To Improve English Speaking Skills

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Basic Tips How To Improve English Speaking Skills


Improve English Speaking skill is now become a toughest task.Every one want to speak in English especially those country people where English not a first or tongue language. Although some people have good English speaking skills but on other side for some of us, it’s a big challenge.  Here are some basic easy tips to learn or improve English speaking skills. You just have to follow some points and make them your daily routine.

Following Are Some Tips They Will Help In Your Speaking Skills




  1. Think In English: If you noticed that what we most of the time or in our free time. Any guesses?? Yes you are right, we think our free time. What we do most of the time if get habitual of that thing. So, that’s why my first suggestion for you to improve your English speaking skills is think in English. When you will start thinking in English you will automatically start speaking in English. Before speaking, we always think, so why not think in English it will be easy for you to translate your thoughts in English.



  1. Talk To Your Self: Whenever you are free or alone just try to talk to yourself. Thinking in English is best option but when you are alone speak out your thoughts and share everything with yourself in English. It will help you in fluency. If you only think in English that’s not enough to improve English skills. Our main motive is to speak in English for that you have speak in English but as a beginner we feel shy to speak in English publically so try to talk to yourself.



  1. Practice, Practice, Practice: You can use mirror to talk for practice period, it will build your English speaking confidence. It will help you to notice your body language, face expression during speaking. Make a schedule, select some topics, set timer then start speaking. Note your timing and fluency, is it better from previous day or not. If it is better it means you are going good keep it up!



  1. Call On Tall Free Number: It is another best option you can try for English speaking. Call on any customer care services number and speak to them in English. It will help you to come out from your comfort zone. When you order some food, try order food in English. Not only that, if you get any unknown call speak to them in English.



  1. Fluency Is Important Rather Than Grammar: Focus on your fluency, sometimes it’s ok to do grammatical mistakes but only on one condition if your English speaking is fluent. Because when you talk in fluent English no one will notice your grammatical mistake everyone notice your fluency and that should mind blowing.



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