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A design model is an idealized representation of a part design. However, the design model by itself does not fully define the design. Due to imperfections in manufacturing and inspection processes, physical parts never match the design model exactly. An important aspect of a design is to specify the amount the part features may deviate from their theoretically exact geometry (as defined in the design model).

Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, often referred to as GD&T, is a symbolic language used on engineering drawings and models to define the allowable deviation of feature geometry. The language of GD&T consists of dimensions, tolerances, symbols, definitions, rules, and conventions that can be used to precisely communicate the functional requirements for the location, orientation, size, and form of each feature of the design model. Thus, GD&T is an exact language that enables designers to “say what they mean” with regard to their design models. Production can then use the language to understand the design intent and inspection looks to the language to determine set up requirements