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Product Tracking

Our Inter bias ERP solutions do many jobs. It makes life easy for business owners to have an eye on each product and their manufacturing. Earlier it was very typical to maintain or track all the records of product manufacturing. There might be possibilities of errors to maintain manual records. But our software named Product Tracking makes it easy for everyone. It works very smoothly. When a product develops, for its developing producer it goes through from multiple stages. Our software’s main motive is to track all manufacturing department. Apart from this our product can have track of every single step which is involved in the manufactuting of that product. Even if the product is defected then it tracks the entire process from the beginning to the end again. This software is effective as well as efficient.

Features Of Inter Bias ERP Solutions

  1. It tracks all the records of each manufacturing department.
  2. Admin can view how much product is manufactured.
  3. Every department has its own panel for managing their product.
  4. Each department can update status of manufacturing product.
  5. Product will not proceed further till the next department does not accept the request for manufacturing.

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