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6 Things to avoid in CV or Resume | Resume Tips | CV Tips

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6 Things to avoid in CV or Resume | Resume Tips | CV Tips

6 Things to avoid in CV or Resume



A Resume or a CV summarizes the most important information of a job seeker which an employer needs to know when they consider a new hire. You need to submit it in case you are applying job in a particular organisation. Also, it is better to carry typed resume or CV rather than carrying it in hand-written form.



1. Objective- Do’s and Don’ts

Always avoid self-praise in your Objective. Here are few examples for more explanation.


Objective: “Talented, Hard-working job seeker…


– “Looking for middle or senior position with an organization where I can contribute…”


– “Award winning national sales manager looking for a challenging work environment… “



 2.Avoid including family details in the CV

Information regarding parents, spouse, children, Religion should be avoided. This kind of information increases your chance to get rejected.


For Example, Suppose a company is not interested in hiring an employee who has children. So, why taking chance to get rejected when you can avoid writing it.



3. Avoid writing reference unless asked specifically

Don’t write references as it makes your CV unnecessarily long. You can mention it when it is specially asked to do so.



4. Don’t mention your salary details

Try not to write your present salary details if you are writing your CV. This is because companies have different structures for salary preparation. And if you don’t fit into their structure you may get rejected. They may also reject you because you are over their budget.



5. Never include explanation about your job changes

Sometimes, people have tendency to explain in the CV that why they left their previous job.


For example, I left my job because I met with an accident.


This should be avoided because the explanations you give can have different interpretations for different hiring managers. Let us take the example given above to get an idea on how others may view it.


Oh he had an accident? Maybe he is a rash driver or is he hiding a disability related issue? He might again face an accident and take a long leave. This could affect our Growth Rate.



6. Personal information- Do’s and Don’ts

You need to mention your basic information such as- Name, Address, Email and Phone Number in the resume. This information is necessary for a person to contact you. All your details must be valid.




  1. Address: Your address has to be a place where you are currently staying and anybody can reach there.
  2. Email ID: Your email ID must be in working condition and you should check it frequently. Also, You can include up to 2 Email ID’s on your CV. But, make sure that you do not include your current company ID on your CV.
  3. Links: You can include links of your LinkedIn profile, skype or website. But, those links must not relate to the existing company in which you are working.
  4. Photograph: You must be wearing a formal dress and a smile in your Photograph.



Stay clear and concise about what you write in your resume/ CV. There is so much competition out there, you cannot afford to make mistakes in what you express through it.

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