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How data flows in Codeigniter | Application flowchart

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data flows in codeigniter

How data flows in Codeigniter | Application flowchart

How data flows in Codeigniter-The Graphical representation of data flows in Codeigniter is given as below:



The data flows in following manner:



  1. Firstly when the request is made , then it go to index.php  page.
  2.  Index.php is the front controller file which is used to run all the files of codeigniter. So, this is base controller or front controller of CI.
  3. After that the flow is route to routing. It check all http(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests and sees if the cache version is present or not of this file request.
  4. If the particular request version is present then it will show you the website on browser. Otherwise, it will goes to security.
  5. After all the security checks, the request moves to application controller.
  6. This application controller, loads all the models, libraries, helpers, plugins etc. After loading the data which is required for website enters into the view.
  7. Then view sends to catching and website is view to user on index.php
How data flows in Codeigniter | Application flowchart
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How data flows in Codeigniter | Application flowchart
Data Flows in codeigniter can be understand by steps gicen blow. Index.pnp serves as the front controller needed to run codeigniter.
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