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How To Install CodeIgniter In Window

How To Install CodeIgniter In Window


How to install codeigniter in window is very easy you just follow some easy steps to install codeigniter in window. For window you in wamp server and if you are installing codeingiter in OS X and Linux you need to have MAMP and LAMP server in your system respectively.

Now these are the steps of how to install codeigniter in window:

  • First of all you need to download the codeigniter. Just go to search engine and search for download .how to install codeigniter in window
  • codeigniter and go with first link as shown below.
  • Click on download Codeigniter 3 as your are downloading it in window.
  • Save this zip file where ever you want to save it.

  • Extract this zip file. Just right click on zipped file click on extract all. After that if you want to change the extract file locations you can click on browse otherwise just extract it.
  • Go to your wamp folder. Then select www folder. In www folder create a new folder and name it. As I named it ‘ci’.

  • When you done with all these steps. Go to codeigniter folder which you extracted. Copy all the folders.

  • Paste these folders in the ci folder which you were created in www folder in wamp.

  • Start your wamp server. After that go to chrome and search for localhost.your ‘ci’ folder which you were created, will shown on localhost. Open this folder, all the data will created in this folder.



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