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How To Install Ubuntu

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How To Install Ubuntu

How To Install Ubuntu


How to install ubuntu many people have query about this topic in fact some of them asked that question to me. There are many step you have to follow during the installation of ubuntu. So that’s why I decided that why not write a blog on how to install ubuntu so that it will help you in future.

So here the follow steps:

How to Install Ubuntu


  • Install Ubuntu
  • Select language (English)
  • Next
  • Next
  • Erase disk and install ubuntu
  • Continue
  • Where are you?

(Time zone) select the time zone according to the country you belong to for eg: India

  • Keyboard Layout (English US)

According to your requirement

  • Your Name                 : For eg:  O7 Services

Your Computer name:

Pick a username          :

Choose password        :

  • After these steps installation will start.
  • After 10 minutes installation will complete.
  • Restart Now
  • Login (Enjoy J)

Download Ubuntu: First step is you need to download Ubuntu. In this, we will discuss about Ubuntu version 15.10. The most importantly you need to download the Desktop version. Because in server version you have to install all the desktop’s graphics manually.

Check If Your Desktop Will Boot From USB: The complicated thing about installing ubuntu might be getting your computer to boot from the USB. Complication depends on how old your machine is, manufacturer, and what model that you have.

I am going to give you genera guidance. For example, how to even access the BIOS screen varies by manufacturer and mode. Before Changing any BIOS settings you just need to stay in bootable USB Ubuntu drive and see if your machine boots from that. If it does, than its great, proceed with the installation instructions in the coming steps.

Make Changes In BIOS: For installation Ubuntu from USB you need two things:

  1. Corrected BIOS settings on your computer to look for an operating system on the USB before it looks to the hard drive for that and
  2. A bootable USB

Note that with windows you might have some difficulty replacing windows with Ubuntu if the manufacturer has enabled secure boot. Manufacturer enabled it to ensure that you are using a version of Microsoft that someone has actually paid for and not copied.

Install Ubuntu :  Follow the below screen steps to install ubuntu on virtual machine after getting the bootable USB.



Pick the language according to you.



how to install ubuntu


Leave these steps unchecked and click on continue.



Select option Erase disk and install ubuntu. If you choose something else it will let you to create your own partition. Which will become more complicated and messive.



This screen will pop up. Click on continue it means you are erasing the existing partitions on your hard disk.




Select the time zone according to your country.




Select the keyboard type or language.




Fill your login details. After filling the all details if you choose log in automatically than you will not need password in future. Choose require my password to login so that no one other than you can login your system.



Now installing is completed. Click on restart now button.




It will copy and fetch your all data.




After that you can login to your system.


How to install Ubuntu
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How to install Ubuntu
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