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AGILE Methodology

AGILE METHODOLOGY: Perfect Method For Software Development and Testing

Before going forward first I want to tell you concept of AGILE Methodology. So let’s start.

What Is Agile Methodology?

AGILE methodology is an easiest and best method to develop and test the software as compare to other methods like Spiral Method and Waterfall Method.

Here I said easiest and best let’s understand these words in agile method. It means that AGILE Methodology is practice to promote continuous iteration of development and testing.


AGILE Methodology


Let’s understand it in deep.

  • AGILE means the ability to responds changes- changes from Requirements, Technology, and People. Here we will talk about Technology which is software development.
  • Before AGILE Methodology we have Iteration and incremental process. In Incremental process development divided into parts but these parts does not work till the completion of whole software.


Besides this Iteration process also divides the development but after completion of one part it starts working. But AGILE Methodology is a combination of both Iteration and Incremental process.

  • Clients can interact with their project any time during the process. Clients/Customer involvement is there always. They can interact anytime.
  • Engineering actions are carried out by cross functional team. It means that all the team members will be experts. No one will handle others work that individual experts will handle their own work. Like management team, marketing team, UI expert etc.
  • In this developers and testers work together with the involvement of customer.

To make it more simple for you I am gone tell you about other methods so that you can understand it and can compare and relate it with other methods. After all the older methods AGILE come forward in market you can say that it inherit some qualities from other methods.

Advantages of Waterfall included in AGILE

  • Simple To Implement: why I am telling simple to implement because it has sprints. Sprint is just like one phase. It divided the work into small sprints.
  • After completion of one sprint (eg: designing, development) you can check the working process of the part.
  • Client and project manager can interact with each other after completion of one sprint.


Here is used word Sprint, it means all the task is divided into small parts if one part is complete then it called one sprint. As mention below:

Advantages of Protocol Method Included In AGILE

  • Users are actively involved in the development. Same happened in the AGILE Method like if one sprint is complete than project owner or user can access it and check if there is any other requirement or not.
  • Due to involvement of clients or customers errors can be detected in much earlier stage.
  • Missing functionality can be identified easily.

Advantages of Spiral Model Included In AGILE

Spiral Methodology

  • In spiral method it divides product in different prototypes. Like if one prototype is completed then client can see the working of that prototype.
  • With the discussion of client errors and corrections can easily do in that stage.
  • Basically AGILE methodology is a combination of waterfall method and spiral method as I said before.

How We Can Do Work With Agile Methodology

The picture given below explains everything. What customer wants and AGILE Delivers to Customer

AGILE Methodology

First of all as I told you before again and again that customer involvement. The owner of that particular product should aware about his product completion stages. Here I used word transparency it means that there should be proper interaction between product owner and developers. So that owner could know that which part is complete and which part is in process.

Due to this it will be easy for customer to predict that in how many days his product will ready to work.

After that I told you that in AGILE method we work in sprint (small chunks). When one sprint is completed then it should be on working stage. Like if you developed five pages website, in that website if two pages are ready and if product owner can start his site or web application with these two pages then we have to focus on users.

AGILE Methodology improves quality of product because in this we have experts for each department. Because we know how many team members we need for one single product we can predict the cost of that product.

It allow changes because we divided the product in small sprints if is there any changes required than we can change it in next sprint. This advantage is taken from RAD Method.

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