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IAAS SAAS PASS: Difference With Example And How To Choose


IAAS PAAS SAAS are the trendy topics of Cloud computing  for small business all over the world. This topic covers most of the online territories. Before switching your business to cloud service for infrastructure deployment or software deployment.


You should know about the differences between infrastructure as services (IAAS), software as services (SAAS) and platform as a service (PAAS).

These three services are the three main categories of cloud computing. Basically cloud computing is using a network of different servers and these servers have their functionalities like host, store, manage and process date online.


Cloud infrastructure is known as infrastructure as a service (IAAS). This service is completely automated compute and highly scalable. IAAS service is self made service, in this we will have network, storage, servers, and virtualization.

That’s pretty nice that this IAAS provides these services. Instead of purchasing hardware outrights, it allows users to purchase resources on demand.

What IAAS Delivers

Basically IAAS only delivers cloud infrastructure to organizations. It includes servers, networking, and storage through virtualization. These servers provide through API or dashboards to the client.

IAAS handle all the servers and storage through virtual data center in the cloud.

What’s the drawback of this service? IAAS clients have to implement their own operating system, not only that in fact they have to access middleware, data, runtimes and applications.

IAAS users face many problems and in this case too many responsibilities are there.

IAAS Advantages And Characteristic

  • IAAS is a most flexible cloud computing model
  • It is highly scalable
  • Resources are available as a service
  • Provides complete control of the infrastructure to organization.


PAAS or platform as a service is a cloud computing service which provides framework to application or other developers. In this developers can develop or customize the software or applications. It makes the development, testing or deployment of software easy, fast and cost- effective.

What PAAS Delivers

Delivery is similar as SAAS mode, there is a little difference i.e. it provides the platform to create software or application where as SAAS delivers the software on the internet.

Developers can easily develop his software or application in PAAS. It provides all components and developer has not need to take worry about infrastructure, server, software updates or operating system.

PAAS Advantages And Characteristics

  • Allows easy migration to the hybrid
  • Greatly reduce the amount of coding
  • Web services and databases are integrated
  • PAAS provides many services to assist with the development, testing and deployment of apps.


It is also known as application services. This service is most commonly used for business in cloud computing. SAAS uses web application and these applications are managed by the third party vendor and its interface is accessed on the client’s side.

What SAAS Delivers

SAAS makes all things easy for clients because it eliminates the installation of operating system and run application on computers. As mentioned in picture that everything will manage by the vendors: application, data, middleware, runtime, operating system and infrastructure.

We can say that all the facilities are provided in SAAS. Developers just have to access software or customize according to their needs.

SAAS Advantage And Characteristics

  • It reduces the time and money which consumes in installing operating system, hardware, and managing software.
  • It managed from central location
  • It is accessible over the internet
  • It hosted on remote server
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