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Job Interview Questions And Tips To Crack Interview

Prepare Yourself For Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions every one afraid of this. Well you all clear our degrees and now you want to get your dream job. For this you should be prepared for interview questions.

Here we give you best tips to crack interview questions. You just need to give your best and follow these following tips to get your dream job.


First of all I would like to tell you that you should not waste your time. Don’t wait for time, this time is right time, be ready, be prepared. But you not to worry about how to prepare for the interview.

Here are some of the best interview tips out there if you will follow them. Then they ensure that you are ready to meet your interviewer when they are ready to ask you interview questions.


Following are the interview tips. I hope these interview tips will help you in future:

1.Research About Company:

  • Before going to interview, you should aware about the company. What company does? Whether company has its sub branches or not? You should know about employers, Company background. Little know about person who will conduct your interview. Explore their website, their social sites, and social profiles.
  • Before going to interview, try their products if possible. Because it will be impressive if you know about their product and services. It will give good impact when employer will ask some questions related to his company.
  • They would like to hire you , if you understand their business.

2.Make List Of Questions To Ask Them:

  • In maximum interviews, interviewer’s most common interview question is “would you like to ask any question?” or “do you want to ask anything?” like this. You should not say “no” to these questions.
  • It seems that you are not interested in their company or designation they are providing to you.
  • So you should prepare for these kinds of interview questions. If you have been researched on company then you will be able to ask questions.
  • Make a list of questions, which you can ask to interviewer. Ask something genuine question.
  • Avoid that question which only has answers in yes or no. Try to ask some questions that should have some detailed response.

3.Prepare For Some Common Interview Questions:

  • When you searched for common interview questions. The result come out with hundred of common interview questions. You have to pick some of them that can trouble you.
  • The most common question is “tell me something about you”. This is the one which ask by interviewer. Be prepared for this question.
  • Think about some qualities of yours. Always present some impact full things which are related to that particular company or job. Always explain your points with example so it will be easy to understand for interviewer.
  • Always start with thanks note and end with thanks note too. One more thing, before starting ask for permission then start your examples or description.

4.Perfect Practice Makes Man Perfect:

  • You suffered net and know about the pet questions then rehearsed that interview questions. Practice these questions answers again and again.
  • Practice in from of mirror; it will help you to build your confidence. Ask your friend to help you out, practice with them. Come out from your comfort zone. If you will prepare then you will nail your interview.

5.Be Professional:

  • You should be well dressed if you are going for an interview.
  • For Women: Wear pant and shirts with conservatively colored shoes. Avoid wearing heels, too much jewelry or perfume. If you want to use perfume then make sure perfume fragrance should be light. If you wear skirt rather than pant then wear skin color stockings and belly instead of shoes.
  • For Men: Men should also wear solid colored pant-shirt with conservatively colored shoes. If possible wear blazer and tie also. Tuck in your shirt and use belt.
  • Iron your clothes, polishes your shoes, trim your nails, and comb your hair properly. Use mouth freshener, don’t wear too much makeup. Before going to interview room, dry your hands because wet hand indicated that you are nervous. To avoid this use alcoholic hand sanitizer instead of any moisturizer cream.

6.Mind Your Body Language:

  • Remember your body also speaks. So behave like a professional.
  • Avoid nonsense things during interview like tapping on table, don’t perambulating, listen your interviewer carefully, mind your leg or hand movements.
  • Don’t play with your hair.
  • Keep eye contact with your interviewers.
  • Mind your body posture, sit with your back straight and your head held high and don’t chew your lips.
  • Keep a confident smile on your face.
  • Don’t cross your arms over your chest.
  • Sometimes people start playing with something on the table; don’t do this during interview session it leaves bad impression. It seems childish.

7.Common Interview Questions “Why Should We Hire You?”

  • If you are well prepared before the interview than it will be golden chance for you. You can easily handle this type of interview questions. You have to remind all your best points then just shoot your speech. What if you are not prepared? So don’t waste your time just thing about yourself, about your positive points which can suitable for the particular company.

8.Another Common Interview Question is “Why Do You Want To Work Here?”

  • Don’t get emotional or nervous after listening that question. Don’t give answer like “I need work.” or “I am free so I want to do job.” Try to give something impressive answers like give some compliments to their company. Show your enthusiasm, your excitement to work over there.

9.Show Your Appreciation

  • As I said earlier, cover your interview with Thank You note. Send a message or e-mail with Thanks and ask for further interview process. It will show that you are eagerly waiting for their response and you are willing to do job in their company.

10.Never Lie To Your Interviewer

  • Last but not the least, I would like to suggest you, don’t like during your interview or in your resume. (If you want to know how to write resume , click on resume).Be honest, be friendly. Because if you want to work in that company you should not be lied to them.
  • If you lie then they can put cross question to you and you will be trapped on it. So be alert about it.
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