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software development life cycle

Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC

Software development life cycle is the process which is used by software developer to build a software. In this process, the following steps that help developers to gather the required information which is important in SDLC.


1.Requirements analysis and gathering


In the beginning of any project or software development the very first step is :

  • what the requirements of the client are?
  • The developer first gather his or her requirements that what sort of software do they need?

Whether is it feasible or not.
If it is possible to build then gather requirements by software developer by using various techniques such as interviewing, group discussions, brain storming etcetera.


2.Building Project Scenario or design


After getting all the requirements of client, next step of software development life cycle is making scenario of project in order to start building process of software.

As we know the backend plays crucial role in any software development so in this phase of designing the main focus is backend as well as front end.


3.Development phase


As move further to the next step of SDLC is development of software. In this phase of software development life cycle the developer choose programming language.

Developer can use for the development of software and then develop software as per scenario using algorithms and logics.


4.Testing Phase


After developing software using SDLC then developer moves to the testing phase. In this phase of SDLC the tester applies all types of testing on the developed software and check whether the software passes all the alpha, beta testing or not .




Finally, the software is ready as per phases of SDLC and is ready to use. The next step is deployment so that client can use it.




Maintenance is that step of software development life cycle in which the modifications and changes has been done in order to run software efficiently and it is the responsibility of the software developer to make working of software easy as much as he can.

So these are the phases and steps of software development life cycle.

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