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What Is Kotlin| Design Patterns Of Kotlin | How It Works


Kotlin is an open source programming language like Java but kotlin syntac is may not be similar to Java, whereas, internally kotlin is reliant on the existing Java class library to produce wonderful results for the programmers. It is a general purpose, statically types programming language for the JVM and Android and it combines the OOPs (object oriented programming languages) features. Kotlin is developed by JetBrains in 2010 and has been open source since 2012. The main motive behind developing Kotlin is to provide code safety, clarity and interoperability to the developers around the world.





Design Pattern of Kotlin

Here are many design patterns of Kotlin. We briefly explained that patterns below



Singleton is a first design pattern comes to the mind when we talk about Kotlin patterns.  It’s built right into the language. Behold, Object;

JustSingleton.value will be now available from anywhere in the package. And it’s not a static initialization.



If we talk about Decorator. We know the one that allows us to add a bit of functionality around some other class. Earlier IntelliJ would generate them for you. But it goes further now.  Here is one more thing HashMap that gets excited each time a new key is added?We have by keyword, with the help of this keyword we can define a backing instance in the constructor and delegate all the methods.Note: – If you want to access your own map with square brackets, and have all other methods work as before


Factory Method

To implement FactoryMethod we have Companion object that will allow us to implement this method in very easy manner. How to initialize an object where you want to control the object. Possibly because it has some covert stuff to do inside.



Last design pattern principle for today is Strategy. This one is super easy because Kotlin has higher order functions. To change behavior at runtime, you should keep a point on mind that it’s indeed a Strategy pattern, and changing signature won’t work.


Multiplatform Programming Language


It is very explicit goal for Kotlin to work on all platforms, but we see it as a premise to a much more important goal: sharing code between platforms. As I told you that it a multiplatform programming language so it can handle any and all components of a modern application with the help of all other platforms like JVM, Android, JavaScript, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and even embedded system.


How Kotlin works as Multiplatform Language


Well we are using word multiplatform again and again but it does not mean that its mean is compiling all code for all platforms. Yes of course, model has its own limitations, and we know that modern applications need access to unique features of the platforms they are running on.  Kotlin does not limit us to the common subset of all APIs in the world. Each component can share codes with others but it can access APIs of platform at anytime through actual or expect mechanism provided by the language.


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