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What Is Function As A Service Or Serverless Architecture?

FaaS stands for function as a service. It is the concept of severing less computing that’s why it is known as serverless or serverless architecture.  Before this, for deploying apps, developers use PaaS (Platform as a service) but now new cloud computing service is here named as function as a service. Now software developers can take full advantage of FaaS to deploy “Function” as a piece of business logic.

Postulates Of Function As A Service:

  • It Completes the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events i.e. abstraction of servers away from the developer.
  • No need to pay extra charges as the user just have to pay the bill based on consumption and execution.
  • Services are derived by events and also scalable.

Benefits Of Function As A Service:

  • FaaS Can do voluminous transactions and also isolates and scale them.
  • It can also handle a burstable workload.
  • If the user wants to use this service once a day, month or year then no need to pay for 24/7/365
  • It schedules all the tasks.
  • One can also run the only piece of code on schedule time.

Types Of Functions:

There are many areas where we use functions but few of them are listed as follows.

  • Scheduled job or task
  • Process a web request
  • Process queue messages
  • Run Manually

These functions also chained together. For instance, a web request could write to a queue which is then picked up by different functions.

Providers of Function as a Service

AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure all are the FaaS providers. Many innovations are still in process in this area and changes are rapid and improve its functionality.
In a nutshell, function as a service is now a new future of software and application developers and will be widely used. In future.


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