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React Programming-Introduction | Why React | Features

Introduction to React Programming Language

React is a very popular and widely used programming language. It is used by many web developer and full stack developers around the world. This language was developed by Jorden Walk and now is maintained by Facebook and the community of individual developers.


React Programming



Why you should start learning React?

Developers have switched to react because it is the most powerful frontend library to develop view part from MVC. This is due to the following reasons:


Why React


  1. Small Learning Curve: Most of the developers are aware about JavaScript, so React is easy for them to learn. Those who are not aware about JavaScript need to learn it first, especially the latest JavaScript ES6.
  1. Component-based Architecture: It gives you the way to design to design complex applications by breaking them into small contained pieces which are easier to build, maintain, test and debug.
  1. Fast: Application developed in react are fast. It renders and re-renders the applications very quickly and keeps updated with the latest change in data.
  1. Scalable: Since React-based applications are faster, thus it gives a great user experience. It is highly scalable due to the use of Component-based approach, use of JSX, virtual DOM, and great availability of 3rd party components.
  1. Less Time and Cost: Use of 3rd party components in React Programming saves a lot of time and the development cost.



Features of React Programming




  1. It uses Virtual DOM instead of Real DOM: Use of Virtual DOM increases the Application performance. It works like one-way data binding.
  1. React supports Server-side Rendering (SSR): It is a technique for re-rendering on the Server instead of re-rendering on the browser. Since React also follows the re-rendering on the Server, thus it makes the Applications fast. It can also help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  1. Unidirectional Data Flow or Data Binding: React Programming follows unidirectional data flow or data binding. This means while developing an application in react, you can nest child component with parent component.
  1. Reusable/ Composable UI Components: React uses reusable/ Composable UI components to develop the view of MVC. This means that while developing an Application, if some of the features are same with slight modifications, the existing components can be reused.
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