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Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning

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Many people confuse Artificial intelligence and machine learning and therefore use these terms interchangeably. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning deals with the computer science world but has a very different concept. In this blog, we look for basic difference between both these terms.

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Artificial Intelligence:

As the term suggests, ‘Artificial’ means man-made i.e. which is non-natural and is created by humans and ‘Intelligence’ means the power or ability to think or understand. Artificial intelligence is not a system, in fact it is implemented in a system. AI doesn’t only include making robots smart in fact if you are making a car, a washing machine, a refrigerator or a software smart then yes, it is AI. For example, problem-solving, speech recognition, learning and planning. Artificial intelligence is getting popular very quickly, affecting the way we live, helps in enhancing customer experience. There is a lot more to come in the growing years with more improvements and development.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the ability of the system to learn by experience without human interference. Now a days, machine learning is used alongside AI but they are not the same thing. ML is a subset of AI. ML is a system that gets smarter and smarter by themselves without any human effort. Now a days, most AI uses ML because intelligence requires knowledge and learning is the easiest way to get knowledge.

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