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Frameworks Are Every Where I Love Vanilla JS

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Frameworks Are Every Where I Love Vanilla JS

Hey! Lets discuss about Vanilla JS today.

The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions

Oliver wendell
holmes Sr

Why This Topic and Quote

Now-a-days, everyone is talking about the FRAMEWORKS. In Enterprises also, Frameworks are being preferred. If we consider only the front end framework, then there are huge number of Frameworks available to work on.

Everyone is debating on which framework is the best or which framework to use , which one is reliable and fast etc. If I had to study any one of them, I will absolutely get confused.  Thank GOD ………


You can see an image at the right side of the page. Its’ a JOKE that in every minute a new JS Based front-end framework is coming. Some of popular names are Angular JS, React JS , Vue JS, Backbone Js.

It’s very complicated for some beginners to start with it as they don’t know which one of them will be in boom in future. Angular and React is created or maintained by Big companies Google and Facebook but React was created by ex employee of Google.

JQuery Libraries

There is also very  popular library is JQuery. ???? Question from where i starts.


The Young man know the rules but the Old Man knows the Exceptions.

Which Framework to Prefer

Most of the Developers are confused whether they should go for Vanilla, Angular, Vue, React, Member, Embed or backbone JS.



It is nothing but Pure/PLAIN JavaScript. It is a JOKE for all those always talk about Frameworks.

We all say, Frameworks can do this or this. But, we must not forget that all the front end  frameworks use JS (Java Script). That is why, JS is the parent of all the Frameworks.



As Vanilla is like not very rich in taste but it is still an ice cream. For those who think JS is nothing just visit http://vanilla-js.com/

You will come to know that Vanilla JS is very fast than JS.

Most of the Developers perform faster development work in vanilla JS or Plan JS rather than taking framework of Libraries.

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