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What Is New In Angular-9? | Features and Fixes of Angular-9

What is new in Angular-9? Features and fixes of Angular-9.In Angular-9, all the existing bugs & drawbacks have been resolved. Angular is the most eminent open-source framework which is used for building a web as well as mobile applications. Angular is developed by Google, which includes all of the tools and components which are required for building a web application. Angular follows a clear roadmap. In this version of angular, it introduces IVY compiler.

What Is New In Angular-9?

Let’s discuss this in detail. Angular version 9 applications use IVY compiler and runtime by default. Ivy solves long-standard problems. Ivy is an internal and renders pipeline of Angular. It renders the engine and takes input into a component of angular with a template and then translates into instruction that changes the DOM (Document Object Model).

Ivy compiler is the replacing and hidden away view engine that doesn’t change the way of work in Angular. These changes don’t have an impact on the code that’s being generated. 

IVY compiler has many additional advantages:

  • Small Sized Bundles.
  • Fast Testing.
  • Improved Debugging.
  • Improvised CSS Class and Style binding.
  • Refine type checking.
  • Brush up build error.
  • Enabling default AOT on and improved build times.
  • Boost Internationalization.

Apart From this, VE- View Engine, is responsible for compilation of the components so that it can be consumed by the browser. In Angular, Typescript is used for writing components, and these components are which are not directly run by browsers. So for such purposes, we require View Engine to convert Typescript (TS) into JavaScript (JS).

The Following are the three responsibilities of View Engine:

  1. Template Parsing
  2. Tree-Shaking
  3. Compilation

In Template Parsing, template HTML pass to Template Data then moves toward angular interpreter and last DOM.

Rest of View Engine Will be discussed in the next article. And check our other articles for learning more frameworks such as laravel, Code Igniter, Django, etc.

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