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Java is a platform independent programming language. When it comes to comparison of various languages, Java proves to be most effective language due to its versatility, efficiency, platform portability, and security. Due to this more than 6.5 million software developers has learned this platform. Java can be used to develop Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications. Java is used develop programs for various embedded systems and even Gaming consoles. Also android developers has selected Java as standard for developing Android Applications.Java is used in every major industry segment and has a presence in a wide range of devices, computers, and networks. Java platform is available in laptops to data centers, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet.Java is one of the most is – demand languages.

Course Details


Duration: 45 days ( 90 hour)

Syllabus: Click Here to Download


we build your basics strong

We build your Advance concepts according to your future

In this you can build static GUI base desktop software.

Use database in our GUI software.


Basic programming knowledge is sufficient.

Knowledge of C and C++.

Advance Level


JEE was proposed by Sun Microsystems  for developing and deploying multitier, distributed, enterprise scale business applications. It is basically a collection of APIs which could be used to build such large-scale systems.


Android applications are developed using the Java language. user gets millions of applications that user cannot get in any other mobile operation system.


Hadoop is an open source software framework for storage and large scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity  hardware.