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Moon Walker

This App tracks employee’s location

Moon walker is basically mobile app developed by O7 Services. Its main function is to track employees (security guards). Large industries have some security guards they check all the departments at day as well at night time. It is very important for company owner to track each employee. But company owner cannot have eye on his employees all the time, but it is necessary for him. So we developed this mobile app. This App tracks employee’s location and his time when he was there. As we know those who working as security guards they are not much educated but this app is very easy to use.

College Notification

With the help of this app each student get notified regarding college

If we talk about college or university, there are many events, functions and placement drives are organized by college. To handle all these stuff is very tough task for head of department and all other staff. Additionally it becomes harder to inform each and every student of each department or course because there are 1000 of students studying there. To overcome this problem O7 Services developed mobile application, with the help of College Notification each student get notified.

B Secure

Provide Security to all Women

B Secure is developed for women security. As we know how crime is increasing day by day. Women are not safe in our country. O7 services take a step for women security. We developed mobile app through which women can send their current location to their trusted person. She can register maximum 4-5 person’s number in this app.

Quickie  Notes

This application will helpful for blind person

Quickie notes are a speech to text convertor mobile application. This application will helpful for blind person. They can search notes by speaking. This will very helpful for students to get notes very quickly.

Diet Biet

This app help you in knowing what kind of food is best for you

In this busy life it is bit difficult task to stay healthy and maintain a good diet. We all know our young generation is eating all worst stuff and not doing any kind of exercise. So we developed best android diet biet app, this all will help you in knowing what kind of food is best for you, what food is just worthless.

Task Assigner

This app is very helpful for assigning and managing tasks.

Managing all tasks is necessary in every enterprise. Many workers works there so it is difficult for team managers to assign tasks to employees and team member and at the same time manage entire tasks We developed mobile app as well as a web software for assigning and managing tasks.

Doctor Appointment

With the help of this app we eliminate the distance between doctor and patients.

Doctor appointment mobile application is an assimilate platform helping patients to get authentic, appropriate and timely access to health care from anywhere the world by connecting experienced doctors. With the help of doctor appointment mobile application, we eliminate the distance between doctor and patients. Through this application patients can check the doctor schedule and easily book the appointment.

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