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It is a software developed for managing and calculating the fee of institutes, colleges and schools. Although all the fee collection procedure can be done manually but the manual work can be full of errors and also not reliable. Therefore, the system will manage fee record of every single student and thus, provide error free results. This system is so easy to use that no training will be required to use this system. Fee management system is the new-trend in the education industry enabling the institutes to manage their fee records efficiently.

Features Of Fee Management System

  1. Specify the fee according to grade, course, streams etc.
  2. Collect fee and generate a fee report.
  3. Collect fee in various intervals like quarterly, monthly and yearly.
  4. Apply different fee discounts according to the scholarships.
  5. Fee report can be printed automatically, eliminating errors.
  6. View fee reports standard wise or student wise for specific date range.
  7. View pending fee according to various filter option provided.
  8. Easy to maintain records and eliminates duplicity of records.

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