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Laravel is a Framework which is totally based on PHP. Laravel is an Open Source PHP Web Framework. It is developed By Taylor Otwell for the web Development for Model View Controller which is user-friendly and easy to use and maintain. The feature of Laravel are Modular Packaging System, a different way of accessing the database. The initial Release Laravel is June 2011. Total depend Upon Cross-Platform Operating System. Laravel offers a rich set of functionalities which incorporates the basic features of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii and other programming languages like Ruby on Rails.Laravel has a very rich set of features which will boost the speed of web development.If you are familiar with Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will make your task easier.

Course Details


Duration: 45 days ( 90 hour)

Syllabus: Click here to Download


To develop complete Website

Deliver Complicated Project with Short period of time

Obtain the Development Goal

Develop Secure Web Application


Knowledge of Database.

Clear All PHP OOPS Concept

Advance Level


WordPress is a CMS which is totally based on PHP.WordPress is an Open Source PHP Web CMS. WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms.


CODEIGNITER is a powerful and simple PHP framework, CodeIgniter is known for its flexibility and problem-free installation.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP is a Framework which is totally based on PHP.