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MCITP stands for “Microsoft Certified IT Professional”. It validates an individual’s expertise in performing a particular IT job role, such as that of an enterprise administrator, network administrator or virtualization administrator.MCITP credential not only imparts the skills to configure, install, and troubleshoot Microsoft technologies, it also builds expertise to manage Microsoft product implementations and deployments. Professionals can then become proficient in making necessary organizational and technology decisions to fulfill business objectives related to IT.
The MCITP certification course is a suite of certifications that stamps the learners’ knowledge in varied fields of information technology.

Course Details


Duration: 90 days ( 180 hour)

Syllabus: Click here to download


As a MCITP your certification proves that you have the comprehensive set of skills to perform a IT Job.

Database Administrator

Enterprise Messaging Administrator


Knowledge of Compuer Basic.

Knowledge of Network Fundamentals.

Advance Level

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing boasts several attractive benefits for businesses and end users such as self-service provisioning, elasticity, pay-per-use, migration flexibility.


Exchange Server

It is a Microsoft’s email, calendaring, contact, scheduling and collaboration platform deployed on the Windows Server operating system for use within a business or larger enterprise.