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A school management App is a platform where all activities of a school can be managed by making them easy, efficient and accurate. This App has the power to bring students, teachers, and parents all on the same platform. App works on school administrative, school academics, activities, attendance management etc. This App works as an interface between teachers and parents so that parents can get easily all school activities.

Features Of App


  1. Admin can upload all the announcements/notices and activities.


  1. Teachers can upload the Student’s attendance.
  2. They can upload class work and home work.


  1. There is a login option. You have to put the username and password which you got from school authority.
  2. They can see the student’s profile.
  3. There is an option of check attendance; can download this content also.
  4. All the downloaded content will save in App.
  5. They can download and check the class work and home work.
  6. They can see all the school announcements/ notices.Also can change the password.

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