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The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a certification which you can earn to become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA).An RHCE is capable of RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) tasks plus the following:Configuring static routes, packet filtering, and network address translation.Setting kernel runtime parameters.Configuring an Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) initiator.Producing and delivering reports on system utilization.Using shell scripting to automate system maintenance tasks.Configuring system logging, including remote logging.Configuring a system to provide networking services, including HTTP/HTTPS, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), network file system (NFS), server message block (SMB), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), secure shell (SSH) and Network Time Protocol (NTP).

Course Details


Duration: 180 days ( 360 hour)

Syllabus: Click Here to Download


Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a leading certification course for Linux Network Administrators.

Configure Networking Services and Security on Servers running a Red Hat Operating System.

Enterprise Messaging Administrator


Knowledge of Compuer Basic.

Knowledge of Network Fundamentals.

Advance Level

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