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School Management System

A School Management System is a platform where all activities of a school can be managed by making them easy, efficient and accurate. This system has the power to bring students, teachers, non-teaching staff, and parents all on the same platform. The system works on school administrative, school academics, finance management, attendance management, etc. Using this system can make the management of school easy.


  1. Manage admissions in school without any paper work.
  2. Manage all the details of students and teachers at a single platform.
  3. Manage the notice board through this system.
  4. Allot roll numbers to every student with single click.
  5. Store all previous information of students.
  6. Manage Students attendance record.
  7. Manage student personnel details such as parent details, address, sibling detail etc.
  8. View complete student information form.
  9. Search student record according to class, section, and fee paid or fee not paid.
  10. Manage fee details of each student.
  11. Collect fee according to the class and scholarship.
  12. Print fee record and eliminates pen paper receipt generation.
  13. Manage teacher records.
  14. Provide homework and assignments to students online.
  15. Give access to view their fee, attendance, homework and assignments

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