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Android Service

Android Service
Android Service API
Android Started Service
Android Bound Service
Android Service Life Cycle
Android Service Example


Data Storage

Shared Preferences
Internal Storage
External Storage


SQLite Spinner
SQLite ListView



Cotent Provider

Content Proivider Fundamental
Contact Content Provider
Other Built-in Content Providers
Creating Custom Content Provider
Understanding Content URI
Sharing Information from custom content provider

Android Notification

Notification API
Creating Notification Builder
Setting Notification Properties
Attaching Actions
Issuing Notification
NotificationCompat.Builder class
Android Notification Examples


Live Wallpaper
Multimedia API
Playing Audio
Creating Audio Player
Playing Video
Alarm Manager

Speech API

TextToSpeech API
TextToSpeech Example
Managing speed and pitch
Speech To Text

Telephony API

Telephony Manager
Get Call State
Call State BroadcastReceiver
Simple Caller Talker
Making Phone Call
Send SMS
Send Email

Location API

Location API Fundamental
Example of Android Location API
Working with Google Maps


Android Animation API
Android Drawable class
Android Animation Example
Android Rotate Animation
Android Fade Animation
Android Zoom Animation

Device Connectivity

Bluetooth Tutorial
List Paired Devices
Working with WiFi
Working with Camera


Sensor API
Motion Sensor
Position Sensor
Environmental Sensor
Sensor Values
SensorManager class
Sensor Class
SensorEvent class
SensorEventListener interface
Compass Acceslerometer and Orientation Sensors
Sensor Examples

Android Graphics

Graphics API
2D Graphics
android.graphics.Paint class

Android P2P Communication

Introducing Instant Messaging
Using the GTalk Service
Monitoring the Roste for Changes
Sending and Receiving Data Messages
Transmitting Data Messages
Receiving Data Messages

Android Web Services

What is web service
Web service
Android Restful web service example with php
Storing data into external mysql database
Verifying data in android with external mysql database

Android Google Map

Android Map V2 API
Adding Map
Customizing Map
GoogleMap class
Android Google Map Application

Project Development