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Google Flutter Tutorial | Easy Guide To Beginner About Google Flutter

Google Flutter Brief Description

Google Flutter is an open source software development kit which is organized by Google and it is used in Google Fuchsia. Fuchsia is an operating system which is also a Google product.

Google Flutter  History

Flutter’s first version was known as “Sky” and it ran on the Android operating system. It first came in 2015. Flutter’s latest version is Flutter 1.0 and releases on December 4th , 2018. It is a first stable version of the framework.

What Is Flutter

Google Flutter is a latest and trendy topic by Google to design High performance and High fidelity mobile apps for Android and IOS, using single code base.

Well if you are thinking to learn flutter but you afraid from coding languages. If you don’t have coding background. You can easily learn flutter because it uses dart as their primary language to create single code. Dart is also a Google language.

Dark is very easy to learn so can make your career in dark language, since most programmers are not already using it. In future everything gone a change. So it can be a great opportunity for all new comers.

Some Fabulous Features Of Flutter:

Well here are many beautiful feature flutter have but few of them I would like to share with you i.e.

Native Performance:

Google knows everything and it knows how to be up to date. Google Flutter is cross platform so its widgets can incorporate with all critical platform differences such as icons, navigation and icons to provide full native performance on both Android and IOS.

Fast Development

It has hot reloading you can say it reloads in milliseconds. It uses fully customization widgets to build native interface in minute.

Expressive And Flexible UI

Well it focuses on native end user experiences. It gives fast rendering and flexible designs.

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