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oops basic concepts in php


Following are the OOPS basic concepts in php



  1. Class and Object
  2. Constructor
  3. Destructor
  4. Inheritance
  5. Polymorphism
  6. Abstraction
  7. Encapsulation


A class act as blueprint from which lot of individuals object can be created.





1.Class and Object:

Class and objects are the main part of OOPS.Class is a programmer-defined data type which includes local method and local variablesObject An individual instance of the data structure defined by class.Simple Words one class contain many objects they belong it. A class act as blueprint from which lot of individuals object can be created. When the object is created they inherit a same properties and behavior although each object may have different value for certain properties.

2 Constructor :

Constructor is the key part of OOPS PHP. Constructor is a special type of function of the class which is automatically call whenever the object is created.

3 Destructor:

Destructor is work like a garbage Collector which always focus over the object whenever no needed the object it destroy automatically.

4 Inheritance:

In inheritance , we have a parent class with its own methods and properties, and child class that can use the code from the parent. By Using inheritance, we can a reusable piece of code that we write only in the parent class and child class access it.

5 Polymorphism:

Poly means “many” and morphism means property which helps to assign more than one property.

6 Abstraction:

Abstraction is a concept in which a class has methods with implementation. The idea is to have a template and let the child class that inherits the parent class implement the method.

7 Encapsulation:

Wrapping up data member and data method together into a single unit is called Encapsulation. For example encapsulation is just like enclosing into a capsule.

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