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Android Q Or Android 10 Release Date And Feature Rumors

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Android Q Or Android 10 Release Date And Feature Rumors

Android Q Release Date

Android q

Android Q is a latest upcoming version of Android. Finally we got official announcement for


releasing date of Android Q is 9 May 2019.




Well we should praise XDA-Developers because many of us are waiting for Android Pie and they


developed Android Q. This is fantastic, I mean too much brilliance and hard workers they are.

Feature Rumors 

We can say it feature rumors or we can say it, customer’s expectations


toward latest version of Android

One of the conformed feature of Android Q is it’s gone a be wide dark mode system. This looks


classy. This setting can be set to always ON or it can based on the time of day.

This feature is developed on it to break the feature of Android Pie because in Android Pie


this is only present in certain app or on  selected screen

Google launched latest version android 10 on some devices for testing.


They are trying to add new feature that is desktop mode and a revamp of privacy options.

One thing is to notice that this includes totally new approach to permission settings. It


means we will have ability


to restrict limit an app’s access to a specific setting, such as location, while the app is in use.

Another rum0r features is screen splitting, which is my personal favorite only developed in


Android 10.


I mean so excited about it.  Screen splitting means you can access two apps together. Screen will


divide into two parts and both applications will work together.

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